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C2 Corvette Wiring and Battery Cables       Lectric Limited Brand wiring

Wiring and Battery Cables:t
All are built to Original Blueprint Specs to ensure that all harnesses are built to manufacturer's correct specifications. This is the only way to ensure you don't have problems with installation, operation  or car show judging.

Correct: wire type, color, gauge, striping, length, terminals, correct crimping, or soldering
clip type, color, placement, orientation,

All are assembled on a wire harness layout board  and are fully circuit analyzed,
checking continuity in each circuit of the harness.

Spark Plug Wires: They are built using original GM blueprints, cut to the exact lengths
to provide a tailored look, contain the correct factory script on the wire, as well as the
correct spark plug boots.


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#43-08 correct battery cables
   spring ring ends, black and brown with #'s.


DATED ignition wires 65-66 shown..., #43-16 427

#43-13 327 , 43-14, 43-15 ... dated ignition wires unshielded.

------------------ >  all wiring from Lectric Limited., USA !

#4-21L sealed beam sets T3 headlight bulbs-
       -63-67 Corvette  - set of 4 -

-correctly reproduced with the correct T-3 and Guide insignia
- improved for better brightness and longer life
- officially Licensed (yes Lectric Limited Brand)
- made by an OEM manufacturer
- sold in complete sets only (4)

Main Dash harness comes with complete fuse block  - see #43-01 

C2 Corvette Fuse Block / Fuse box mounting :

The Fuse block comes in 2 "halves" :

Fuse block (With buss bars and fuse clips)   #39-28D,#39-28E,#39-28F  
 "front" "

#39-28H fuse block "back"
 Fuse block  BULK HEAD Connector with terminals  #39-28H fuse block back

 Fuse block mounting :

Fuse Block mounting plate & rivets #39-28A
Fuse Block mounting plate
Screws #39-28B  

Fuse Block mounting plate gasket#39-28C

C2 Corvette Colored Fuses and Corvette  Bulbs Sets

color coded fuse sets #43-18 ... :
comes in convenient/labeled case - keep an extra in the glove compartment

    interior /dash bulb sets - see section 43-17 ...
 includes all dash bulbs , clock , blinking bulb, courtesy light bulbs, rear compartment bulb ...
 comes in convenient/labeled case - keep an extra in the glove compartment

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