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Wiper Arms and Bades

wiper /washer Grills, nozzle/squirters
 (Corvette c2, 63,64,65,66,67)      
catalog section 8 schematic catalog

#08-05  Windshield wiper Metal Grills pair
08-05 wiper grills

screws  u-nuts  for wiper grills  #08-07


#08-01A "adjustable spray" washer nozzles
                                   (63-67 Corvette) adjustable is original type


#08-01    "fixed spray"  washer nozzles This is a good replacement - fixed spray, not adjustable


#08-45 wiper motor seal 63-67 Corvette

Corvette Wiper Washer Repair kit

x #08-36b wiper repair kit
original all white color for 63-67 Corvette   very limited supplyx gone.

 x   we only have black and white kits now -

#08-36A   WIPER repair kit  white/black  exterior kit  replacement color

Corvette Wiper Washer Repair kit 

#08-47  internal diaphram  wiper motor

63-67 Corvette

#08-38E wiper arms       

 1967 style - replacement  will work on all 63-67     dull aluminum (67 style - no trico - but with rivets not screw)



#08-39 Wiper Blades with rubber   
(stamped TRICO Made in USA)
         see online area for current available models -           

#08-39b wiper blades with rubber   
(stamped TRICO)
         see online area for current available models
                                                                         (category/section 08 -
-"view details" for all pictures)
66-1967 will work all all 63-67- in stock


#08-39C  63-65 Wiper Blade Inserts with DOTS   (15") -New repro 2016
08-39c 6365 wiper insert with dots

#08-39E 66-67Wiper Blade Inserts with ribs  (15")
1 pair
- new repro -
 note - this is rubber with metal, clip on end
(not the whole blade)

wiper inserts corvette w ribs

see section 08 of catalog for all wiper blades,  bottles caps, nozzles, hoses etc...


link to online shopping for these used original arms/blades:

 08-38A2   << SEE more PHOTOs & price thru link

ORIGINAL/USED 63-65 Wiper Arms and blades (shiney)(Trico pat pend.on bottom of arms  With Side Screw) 2 arms+2 blades

Corvette wiper arms and blades, used original TRICO 63 64 65   Corvette wiper arms and blades, used original TRICO 63 64 65


08-38B1  - SOLD X

ORIGINAL/USED 66-67 Wiper Arms and blades (shiney)(Trico pat pend. on bottom of arms With Side Screw)

2 arms+2 blades



#08-3966     66 Corvette  original used wiper arms dull flat  1 pair

corvette wiper arms

x we do not sell Wiper Motors -
we have rebuild kits see #08-36B and #08-47 

or contact  one the rebuilders:

D&M Restoration to have yours rebuilt>  www.DandMrestoration.com

Corv Specialties in Calif



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