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New repro -  Window Wipe Metal - 64-67 Roadster Corvette  (64,65,66,67)
window wipe metal roadster
This is the piece on the outer top of door - the Rubber Window Wipe is riveted or stapled onto this metal.
Sold in pairs only.  roadster  64-67  (1/4" fat bead)
part #42-30J

(FYI - 63 used similar part, but had skinny bead 1/8" at top edge. you can use above part for 63,
 but it will not pass for NCRS/Bloomington Judging.)

>#42-30H coupe 64-67 window wipe metal  < now available 

see below for rubber wipes -photos ...

window channels - wipes - fuzzies  see catalog section 42
63,64,65,66,67 Corvette  
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#42-29D  1963 coupe flex window channels
   ( 1 pair)
            both "beads" are the same size (as on originals)  -- with clips installed
(use your old corner pieces  (or see #42-47A or 42-29F)
(clips may be black instead of green as pictured here)

window channel   window channel

#42-29E 64-67 coupe flex window channels (1 pair)
  with larger outer bead and smaller inner bead
    with clips installed   window channel  window channel

#42-29 F 1963 coupe flex window channels-
  WITH corner metal pieces installed  -(1 pair)
  both beads same size as on originals  with clips installed

window channel 

#42-29C   1963 Coupe and Roadster  rear channel liner  window channel liner
                  and  64-67 roadster - rear channel liner
 (glues in side lower channel below window edge inside door, metal channel = part #09-88 ...)   

  #42-47A     1963 Coupe window channel corner reinforcements (1 pair)

CORNER REINFORCEMENT #42-47A  do not come on 42-29D
 #42-47A  do come assembled on 42-29F

#42-47E corner metal for  64-67 Corvette  >>>>  
ALSO LH ONLY #42-47C   or RH #42-47D


#42-47 B   Repair kit=   fuzzie felt pieces with rivets   to repair YOUR piece,
rivet these to your metal  kit includes fuzzie piece and rivets.


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