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UPS transit times from Copiague NY to you.

Keep in mind, they are counting week days, Saturday and Sunday and holidays do not count.

We ship by UPS to all US and Canada Addresses.
(no post office shipping to Canada -Sorry, Canadian post office does not offer insurance - so we must use UPS (yes, we understand Canada - UPS only ! -
due to customs regulations and paperwork required  and problems with insurance claims -

 We do not use Postal Service.

- You pay all duty and freight and customs fees.
 If you have any specific instructions include them when you order

 include your phone # and email ! and Fax or place order online

- (int'l fax 631-225-5030) - if you have a broker include name/info with order.


  •  we do not ship to other Internation Locations - if you want to use a freight forwarder - fill out the 'drop ship form' and provide all info when ordering.

you can reach UPS at http:/www.ups.com you can trace packages at their site. 

 (At the present time UPS offers free notification via email of tracking #,

             Please  give us your email when you place your order


we are in NYS - Long Island - Zipcode 11726      "days' = week days , UPS does not count weekends.


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How To Measure the Cubic Size of Your Package  - - billable weight

Calculate the cubic size of your package by multiplying the height in inches or centimeters, by the length in inches or centimeters, by the width in inches or centimeters. Round each measurement to the nearest whole inch or centimeter. The resulting total is the cubic size of your package
.Cubic Size

cubic size/dimensional weight/billable weight: LxHxW/139 < 2017 /139 for all
Determine Billable Weight: Compare each package's actual weight to its dimensional weight.
The larger of the two weights is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate.

If you have a multiple-package shipment, add the cubic sizes for all of the packages together.
The total is the cubic size of your shipment.



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