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Transistor Ignition  64-67 Corvette

TI distributors - available    --see #48-01 in online catalog

#48-34 amplifier box assembly

Amplifier Box  "ignition pulse Amplifier Unit"

this new amplifier is correct for all GM Products from 1964-1971 and was assembled in the USA using all new components, including new improved circuit board and improved rear case sealing system.
 Manuf Suggest you use some dieletric grease on the boot to improve sealing and weatherproofing.

description from the Chevrolet Service Guide: 
The pulse amplifier , control center of the system, is housed in a cast aluminum case and contains transistors, capacitors, resistors and zener diode, all of which are mounted on a printed circuit board.

Gm official licensed product purchased from an authorized GMSPO Licensee


#48-34B  T.I. Box, internal module only -
 installs inside amplifier box -

#48-29 TI Pole Piece  

#48-30B pickup coil bobbin only -

#48-30 pickup coil assembly is not available

#48-37s TI coil #176 1964 TI
#48-37t TI coil #203 1965 early aug-oct 350 - 375 hp

#48-37v TI coil #207 1965 late 327/350-375hp
 66 327/350-375hp  +-67 327/350-375hp

#48-37w TI coil #210 65 396 +
   66 early 390hp 4 spd

#48-37x  TI coil #231 66 425hp, 66 390hp 4 spd

#48-37y TI Coil  #261 66 390-425 hp
OR 66 390hp auto

#48-37z TI Coil  #261  67 427 390,400,435 hp


#02-10a amplifier and coil decals -


#02-10b reprint of the
 "Chevrolet Service News"
Servicing guide for Transistor Ignition

 all other transistor ignition parts
in section 48   section 48 catalog page

harness is listed in section 43 catalog page link  

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