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 water necks/ thermostat housings  & bolt sets 63-67 Corvette

(note "-" means through)  
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#21-05B  63-65 340-375hp  (#...370) *(pictured with stud kit #21-08b)  21-05B 63-65 CORVETTE Thermostat housing }3827370

#21-05B (this part is correct in appearance except it is stainless steel  

#21-05H    66-67 300hp,  [all 427 except L88] (pictured with stud kit #21-08c)  21-05H Corvette Thermostat housing 66-67 247 and 300 hp |3877660
#3877660 number on neck and indents on base: 

(#'s came both ways from factory, we only have # on base)

*66 300 uses this housing - the NCRS manual is incorrect (does not used cast iron)**66 300 NCRS note(#...660)


#21-05J   63-65 327/250-300hp,   66-67 327/350hp,    65 396, 67 L88  21-05J Corvette Thermostat Housing 63-67 |3827369
(pictured with stud kit #21-8dr 396/l88)   #...369

#21-08A   therm housing bolt set (for #21-05J) 
63-65 250 - 300hp and 66-67 350 hp
1 long 'TR' + 1 short 'TR '63-65,66-67   21-08E BOLT TR HEADMARK

#21-08B   therm housing STUD set (for #21-05B) 21-08B
63-65 HIPER (340,350,360,365, 375hp)63-65

#21-08C  therm housing bolt set (for #21-05D,05H) 66-67 ALL EXCEPT 350HP  66-67 427 
1 long 'tr' + 1 short 'tr'66-67 

#21-08D   therm. housing bolt set    TR heamark    65 396 & 67 L88 


#21-08ETherm. housing bolts
(427 a.i.r. with spacer)
1 long 'tr' + 1 short 'tr'


*note NCRS stated 66 300 hp uses a cast iron housing (#21-05J)

We do not believe this is accurate - the Chevrolet parts book and Dobbins Book original car photos page 165 - concur with our application definitions.)

*21-05b(this part is correct in appearance except it is stainless steel  

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