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Corvette switches 63-67

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 #39-03 Headlight -up/down switch
 63 - 67 -    yes pins are correct length.
63-67 Corvette up down headlight motor switch | 5716297switch

#39-12a Headlight on/off switch 1963 Corvette corvette headlight lamp on/off  SWITCH 1963 |1995095

#39-12B Headlight on/off switch 64-67  Corvette Headlight/lamp on/off SWITCH |1995179

#04-31 headlight limit switch   
(indicates on dash "lights on", when buckets on down and the lights are on)
63-67 corvette headlight limit warning switch |3821864

  39-13 corvette Headlight switch Nut |1960721  #39-13 headlight switch nut  (with nylon bushing insert) 63-67 

#39-14A wiper switch catalog section 39 / schematic   1963-64 Corvette Wiper switch |1993678

#39-14b  wiper switch catalog section 39 / schematic 1965-1966 Corvette Wiper switch

#39-14c wiper switch 1967 Corvette Wiper switch |1993394

#39-15  wiper switch nut  Corvette Wiper Switch NUT 3820531

#39-18a ignition switch - 63-64 replacement

 Corvette Ignition switch  #39-18b ignition switch - 65 replacement - not avail
catalog section 39 / schematic

#39-18c ignition switch -66-67 with light socket - but does not have "push to engage Aux Position"

- this will only matter for NCRS/PV  (otherwise, same lock, same terminal pattern)

Corvette Ignition switch
#39-18CR ignition switch-replacement
 -no light socket, no push for aux position
(otherwise, same lock, same terminal pattern)
catalog section 39 / schematic

#39-25a Headlight dimmer switch 63-67

#39-25c dimmer switch grommet (rubber)

catalog section 39 / schematic   
switch  switch grommet 

 #09-55A door courtesy light switch
(in door jamb) catalog section 09 / schematic  with logo

#15-24 power window switch switch

#29-36 Power antenna switch  POWER ANTENNA switch corvette 65 66

#32-40 4 speed back up light switch (repro) LICS#32-40 4 spd back up light switch 64-67 

#32-48c 65-67 auto/neutral safety switch  auto netural safety switch LICS#32-48c x

see 32-48cn if we have any more nos

Part #18-20 - for directional switches.directional switch


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