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Corvette Side Exhaust C2 63-67 

 Exhaust  new old stock --  GM side pipe mufflers

#33-14CDN  1965 2-1/2" 327  SIDE PIPES  GM PIPES.  3872971 3872972     pair
 pickup only 
   (CALL TO VERIFY & PICKUP)   you need appointment for all pickups.

corvette side exhaust pipes 65 327 2-1/2"


x 2021 we don't sell covers -- they are out of stock at manuf....

  65-67 Corvette Side Exhaust Covers and Hardware kits   (fits 63-67 Corvette) 

side pipe covers -   Repros - From New Tooling - (Made Overseas, Taiwan)*

Notes from the new manufacturer: DATE 2009
They obtained a set of the original blueprints.
 Yes, the "other" covers were from factory tooling,
but the problem is that the tooling is very worn. and the product has some flaws as a result of the tooling.

The new reproductions - we are now offering - are much improved !
New tooling - produced clean edges, sharp corners and very little distortion at the bends.
Fresh tools that produce beautiful parts, well suited for the "show" or "driver" car.
Also comes with the correct dark grey colored fiberglass installed.
(The "other repro" came with a light gray insulator -painted dark on the front side and has some tooling marks in the gray areas)

   -  sold in pairs only Left and Right  complete with insulators   #33-04c  
    you can purchase - covers only  (#33-04c -

COVERS ONLY #33-04C    or  covers, moldings and hardware (no pipes) #33-04d $
pipes, covers, upper moldings, +  mounting
catalog section 33 for schematic and parts listing ardwareset

come with dark insulators like original - the "other repro" comes with light colored liners.

   catalog section 33 for schematic and complete parts listingSIDE PIPES CORVETTE .

Side pipes - pairs only - all have original GM sound.-   #33-14 online link
 3 metal pipe / tip combinations available: ( for 63-64 same pipes fit- buy size according to your exhaust manifold size 2" or 2-1/2")
 Side pipe mufflers 65-67  original steel - chrome tips < this is what came from the factory
 Side pipe mufflers 65-67  Aluminized pipes and Stainless Steel Tips
 Side pipe mufflers 65-67  Stainless Pipes and Stainless Steel Tips


shipping on pipes and sets is extra charge
shipping on pipes could run $90 - $125 depending on your location
(pipes ship direct from Exhaust supplier (Allens)

complete hardware for mounting side exhaust and covers set of all pictured
 = #33-27b:             see catalog section 33  or online link for pipes all pricing

     #33-27b complete mounting hardware set

2017 we are no longer selling repro pipes (low demand)



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