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63-67 Corvette Seat belts and hardware

replacement seat belt retractors, 65-66 Corvette #16-22A (1 pair)
  no more.

 (same shape as original except no writing )    16-22B RETRACTOR

65-66 Corvette SEAT BELT RETRACTOR TAGS |9776439 #16-22B seat belt retractor tags  (1 pair)  -

65-66 early Corvette #16-22b      - no more.

 seat belt retractor (new old stock)   (1  piece ) - 65-66 early Corvette #16-22c x all gone.



 seat belt boots  long 65-66 early #16-20...

short 66late -67   #16-21

x no more #53-07b  seat belt cables (under car)
  seat belt cables


16-39c seat belt corners

#16-39 ... seat belt mounting corners (under car)
 rivet to the body under the car -  this piece has the stud and nut  into which the seat belts bolt.

#16-26A 63 (4 bolts) seat belt bolts

 #16-26B   64-67 2 seat belt bolts + 2 nuts   

SEAT BELT RETAINER CORVETTE 65-66 |3860545    #15-14A    seat belt retainer on console
65-66 early (no holes)   (66 early = lift to open style seat belts)

SEAT BELT RETAINER CORVETTE 1966 C2 : 3897385  #15-14B seat belt retainer on console
 late 66  and replacement style belts

(66 late = push button style seat belts or our replacements)

SEAT BELT RETAINER 67 Corvette #3897381  #15-14C    seat belt retainer on console,  67 early (no holes)

seat belt reatiner 67 #15-14D seat belt retainer on console,  67 late (with holes)

#16-32   A ... replacement style seat belts   (do not look like original)
in stock: (x black), red, dark blue, tan ,  , silver maroon, green ...

chrome flat buckles , lift to release

will work on any mid year, you can use retractors and boots
sold separately.
 example of 64-66 bowtie seat belt

(lift to open) =64- 66 early type

(we do not sell these belts)  

example of original 1967 bowtie seat belt, (push button to open) (we do not sell these belts)

(we do not sell these belts) - GM service replacement - black with bowtie logo
(1 seat set - (not car set)  not available.
  67 replacement belt


   Do you need your seat belts re-furbished - call Sting Ray Sity - NJ  Charlie S -phone (908) 719-2354  


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