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 63-67 Corvette Interior Items

- Seat Covers, Carpets, Dash Pads , Door Panels -

 chart on where to find in our catalog       white interior notes


color chart corvette interior color chart - long island corvette -

 armrest - 63-64 - section 09-21 ...  price/ordering link

 center armrest -section 15-34 ...   price/ordering link

   cover only  #15-35 ...  price/ordering link

 carpets - section 15-30   price/ordering link


corvette carpeting diagram licorvette

corvette dash pads 63,64,65,66,67 licorvette

Corvette  dash pads - section 12-47 ...
price/ordering link

corvette dash center skin 63,64,65,66,67 licorvette

 dash pads - section 12-47b center dash cover "skin"
price/ordering link

rear deck vinyl trim licorvette.com 63,64,65 corvette

vinyl deck trim , corvette 65 ,66,67 licorvette deck trim vinyl -section #19-43 ..

price/ordering link

door panels vinyl with trim - corvette  door panels -- section 09-70 ....  

price/ordering link

 headliners -coupe -or-  hardtop - section 19-75 ...

  head rests - #16-05 ...

price/ordering link

corvette head rest vinyl


 kick panels  - section 12-42 ...

price/ordering link

kick panel carpet , cardboard 63,64,65,66,67 corvette


  1963 pinchwelt -   #19-60a

price/ordering link

 seat covers -- section 16-18 ...

price/ordering link

corvette seats 63,64,65,66,67 long island corvette sun visors  - section 10-18

price/ordering link


 coupe vinyl trim panel - behind seat section 19-65...

price/ordering link

interior spray dye - see # 45-50 ...         section/category 45


 white interior- notes:  white interior is always paired with another color:
white/red, white/blue, white/black 
 ie: white/blueinteior: carpets and dash , seat belt pockets, console were blue
and the rest of the interior items were white (visors, door panels,seats, center armrest, 67 park brake console).


corvette interior color chart - long island corvette
 we do not stock at our warehouse - carpets , door panels, seat covers -
 they will ship direct from manuf. plant -
  usually about a week for delivery -( except headliners - allow 2 weeks.)

most other items usually  in stock, in black, red, tan, bright blue  


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