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Hose Straps and Clamps Corvette

#24-26A   $    63-67 2-hole Plastic Wire & Hose Strap
 holds wires and hoses along inner fenders  

#24-26B    63-63 white "t-shaped" plastic wire &hose strap
 holds wires and hoses along firewall  

#24-26C    65-67 black "t-shaped" plastic wire & hose strap
 holds wires and hoses along firewall    

#24-26D&E     63-4  white T, + 2 hole black and 65-67 Corvette strap sets
 includes both 2 hole and t- shaped black
( white t for 63-64,  black t for 65-67)  -- car set 
2426d strap set

wire clips coated corvette     #37-20A 1 clip    #37-20B set non a/c    

#37-20D set air cond

 black coated wire J- clip sets< (sets will include rivets and installation diagrams
  individual clips do not) (see assembly manual for locations)


#05-45     black coated wire clips for rear harness only    05-45 cable clip

#43-20 A,B      s- clip wire sets  ( horn wire, wires along rad support)      43 s clip

#18-50a & b      s- clip  for horn wire  (on radiator support)    

#04-46     wire clips on header bar  (front between headlamps) 0446 clip header bar
(set of 4)   

sets in section 25
 parts 25-21 ...
 through #25-31 ...

tower clamp

 Corvette hose clamp sets -
 complete set per year/engine options (Radiator, water pump, heater hose, bypass hose, expansion tank etc... as applicable)  see section 25  for sets section 24 & 25 for individual clamps ...
             ( #25-30 shown >) (upper and lower clamps are dated, the rest were not) < dated upper and lower clamps

#24-14     #24-16     heater hose clamps
5/8 (gold) #24-14 and 3/4(copper/red) #24-16    
spring type hose clamps 24-14 24-16  

#25-16 or #21-02     #25-18A     #25-18B    

Dated -Corvette Radiator Hose Clamps . enter date on checkout  - year and vin or qtr 
 dates  we have are 1st and 3rd qtr only)

(tip on sealing hoses with these "old style" clamps
 use gasket sealer on the hose and tighten the clamp gently - these can not be put on and off
tip - use pliers to hold tower square while tightening screw.)

#24-25A,B,C      fender hose clamp  (with  screws and nuts)   fender hose clamps 24-25 

#24-15C&D     heater hose with GM logos     corvette heatetr hose 

#34-05B     air cond  hose clamp     air cond hose clamp 

#34-30     air conditioning brace     air cond brace  

radiator hose clamp  radiator hose clamp
 correct screw, clamp shows imprint Wittek mfg co, Chicago, USA  upper size 2 1/16  date  3/64
 we keep dates in stock - 1st and 3rd quarter of each year 63-67  state date on checkout screen.
hose clamp tip tower radiator hose clamp use a wrench to hold while you tighten screw



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