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Corvette Headlight Housings, bezels 63-67

  schematic section 4 headlights                 
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LEFT HAND  = driver's side

#04-01a  LH 64-67 metal headlight housing - Corvette

#04-01b RH 64-67 metal headlight housing - Corvette

         Corvette Headlight Housing 63-67

corvette headlight housing c2
same side - front and back pictured.

(GM Licensed Repro housings - come rough finished, final finish sanding, fill and paint required.)

Corvette Headlight Metal Bezels  63-67

#04-22A  metal Headlight front Bezel -   repro METAL now available.

corvette metal head light bezel

#04-22B     metal Headlight front Bezel -   repro METAL now available.




x #04-23C #04-23D >Corvette Headlight motor -  we don't sell anymore
 we do not rebuild motors

LOCALLY call Corvettes Unlimited in Babylon --
for repro or mail order call Corvette Specialties in Calif)


plastic headlight bulb adjusters and screws

(set of 8+16)

#04-15... headlight pivot   

#04-12 headlight spring bushings (set of 4)

#04-49 headlight motor plug   

#04-31 headlight limit switch (each)
#04-25 headlight limit switch screws (set of 4)

#04-23  headlight motors - we don't sell anymore


#04-42 headlight motor adjustment wheel (each)

#04-43 headlight motor adjustment wheel spring clips (2)

#04-47R headlight motor gear (repro) (each)

Corvette  Headlight Motor Gear 4912262

#04-26 headlight motor grommets

#04-46 wire clip on header bar
(set of 4)
04-46 headlight header bar wire clip

#04-35 headlight motor bushing   

#04-21J  04-21K headlight bulb housing   

#04-21L headlight T3 bulb sets 

Don't sacrifice safety or time with burnt-out, dim, cloudy,
pitted, discolored, hard-to-find or incorrect headlight bulbs.

Correct, As-Original "T-3" and "GUIDE" Insignia on Bulbs.

  • Only Lectric Limited's  Headlight Bulbs are:
  •  Brand new reproduction sets
  • Produced using original GM blueprints         
  •  Correct, as-original T-3 and GUIDE insignia
  •  Improved for better brightness and longer life
  •  Officially Licensed  - Made by an OEM manufacturer
     Sold in complete sets only (4 bulb sets)-


#04-21N headlight bulb set -

#39-03 headlight opening switch (up/down)
( yes pins are correct length)


#39-12B  headlight on/off switch
(see section 39-47 for knob and rod)

39-12A FOR 63 headlight on/off switch

#04-31 headlight "limit" switch  (need 2) sold each
 #04-25 screws ( set of 4)

(this switch is located in the Headlight bucket-
indicates when lights are on and bucket is closed)


how to adjust headlights - from assembly manual


schematic section 4 headlights       



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