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If you want to ship to your work or a shop  - or any address different than card billing address:
 if you are using your  brother, sister, mother's card etc they will need to  fill out this form -
 if you use the same card and shipping address etc, you need to do this once
 we will keep on file for you -   we will call bank and verify info -

credit card authorization form - < download here print and fax with info.

You can view these forms with Adobe Acrobat Reader.pdficon.gif (224 bytes)

You can then print to your printer and fax in to us: fax # 1800-466-5427
 It is best not to email form as it contains your credit card number and email is not secure.

(if you must email >in card # field fill in last 4 digits of card only - and call us with complete #)

Enter your order online + put a note in the checkout box - special instruction field that you are sending the form
submit the order and we will look for the form to follow.

  •  if you card is billed to a po box  -please fill out form -

 - put a note on the form if this is 1x only or you want it kept on file -
 your invoice will be in the box -  you are responsible for retaining it for all returns and for your
 records, our system is not setup to reprint invoices.
you must tell whomever you are shipping the order to to keep the invoice.
(your credit card number is never on the invoice in any box

New York State Sales Tax form - <if you are a registered automotive parts dealer in NYS
download and send in (do this once, not every order) fill out and fax or email to us.
(you fill out the bottom part and your sales tax resale number)    
or here

Sales Tax     -  If you have a resale # send a completed/signed sales tax resale form for your state and put the resale # on your order in the notes field.

Sales Tax
Local Sales Tax: When an order is shipped to New York State, the law requires that local sales tax be added to the order total, including any shipping
charges. Purchases in our store are subject to local sales tax.

We do not collect taxes on any other domestic (USA) orders, although your purchases may be subject to a use tax.
Please check with your local government to see if your purchases are subject to a use tax.

There are new regulations regarding sales tax that vary from state to state.
(We are working on compliance as the new regulations and sales tresholds are met).

If you are out of NYS and have a resale # - send us the certificate from your state  (look it up online)


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You can view these forms with Adobe Acrobat Reader.pdficon.gif (224 bytes)


for help with "pdf" adobe files visit the adobe website Adobe Reader


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