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       We ship via   UPS ground transit times UPS logo Long Island Corvette ships by UPS -  we ship to USA only.
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2020 hours  Monday - Thursdays  8:30- 2:30 pm ET  Closed Fridays email us for any questions.
 pickup by appt only - order in advance and you can pickup. no drop ins. showroom in closed - COVID

Q. When will my order ship?
A. We ship most orders out the same day. (We don't have a "cut off time" and we don't guarantee it will ship same day. All orders processed as quickly as possible, usually same day, 1st come first serve, get your order in early.)

Q. Why do you want me to use the order form
A. We find using the order form  much more accurate. Please fill out the  form and fax if possible.
(or email, but do not email with credit card) 
 or better yet - order online - you can take your time, make and save, edit your list and submit when your ready -
Please use the online ordering if you need pricing  - it is very time consuming to read back each item on the phone  any item not in stock will not have a price.
 Please look up the parts numbers.  - if you can't find something we are glad to help, have catalog available so you can confirm and discuss.     email us with questions.

Q. How do I find out up to date pricing or if part is in stock ?
A:  The online ordering section  (green link) - has all the up to date pricing -  parts with price are in stock !
 Please download the updated catalog , changes from the printed book are highlighted in yellow.

Q. Can I ship my order to a different address.
A. Yes, if you complete and fax our "alternate" address, credit card form
    We are required by the credit card processors to ship to the address they have on file. This is the address  to which you receive your bill. If you have a post office box, fill out the form.
If you don't know where it is billed, call the bank listed on the back of your card. Some banks let you list an alternate address in their files, but we have found they don't keep it on record in all cases.  Please fill out the form for us to keep on file. (all info is held in confidence)
Note: if you are shipping to a shop working on your car etc, the invoice will be in the box.
You must tell the people where are you shipping the order, to retain all paperwork for you.  
(I understand other vendors/companies don't require this, but we have been scammed and this is to protect your card and information from fraud, as well as protect us. )
we accept:

Q. Can I pay extra to get it out today?
A. Sorry, no.  Given the opportunity everyone would opt for this, and it makes our days too hectic to offer this as an option.. UPS picks up here daily Monday - Thursday , time they pickup varies.

- You can get Next Day Delivery (UPS Red), 2nd Day Delivery (UPS Blue), 3 Day Delivery -
UPS Delivers Monday thru Friday as regular delivery days.  They offer Saturday delivery at extra charge
on UPS Next Day (Friday orders) and now 2 day Saturday delivery on Thursday orders. -

Q. Do you have it in stock?
A. We keep a good inventory here, and have 95% of the items in the book ready to ship. Most orders ship complete! with the exception of some of the larger fiberglass items, some interior items have to be ordered for color/year (door panels, seat covers etc.) and Special order items,  some wiring and other items noted with Drop Ship online.  
Check the online catalog area - if it is listed with a price , it should be in stock. Please Email any questions.

Q. How will I know when my order shipped?
A. Provide us with your EMAIL when you order, and we will provide you will the tracking number when the package ships. (This is done at the end of the day thru the UPS System, Look for an email from UPS Quantum View Notify , you can then click on the link and follow the progress of your shipment, if you ordered online, the "web order" number is the 2nd reference number)
Please take advantage of this email service - we are finding it very helpful.

 >> UPS has a free tracking service - sign up and you will get all notifications automatically. 

Online orders will receive 2 confirmations - one when the order is placed. and one when the order is shipped.
note if you call regarding your order after shipment or for a return, we need to invoice number, not he web #

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. Check the shipping map at    www.UPS.com/maps   
approximate times:
(Long Island  to Atlanta= 1 day, Chicago= 2 days, Kentucky=2 days, Michigan=2 days, Tennessee=2 days, Arkansas=3 days, Dallas/Fort Worth=3 days, Nebraska=3 day, New Orleans=3 days, Oklahoma= 3 days, Arizona= 4 days, Las Vegas=4 days, New Mexico=4 days, San Antonio=4 days, California, Oregon, Washington = 5-6 days.)  see UPS website for the latest time in transit.

Q. What is the return policy? Do I need an authorization 1st?

 ** if item was shipped direct or drop shipped - ie carpets, door panels , rocket panels - CALL US otherwise:
A. Your have 30 days to inspect your order. Within the 30 days, you may return any item WITH a copy of the INVOICE. DO NOT call for permission. JUST send it back with the invoice AND a note explaining what you want done; for an exchange, write down the new parts list on an order form or just put a letter in the box
. For a refund, just state that in your note.
   We are trying to make this easy.  - do not call, do not email in advance, simply send it with a note and invoice-
    Returns received between 30 -60 days of invoice date will be charged a 15% restock fee.
    There are NO Returns after 60 days, OR without an invoice. 
    There are NO Returns on NOS  or used items after 15 days.
    There are NO Returns on  dated items, or rebuild kits, special order items , i.e. dated mirrors, dated expansion tanks,  dated radiators etc. distributor tags,  no returns on section 02 items, nor tools.

 - no returns on electric -- wiring - switches - coils, etc.. no returns on rebuild kits..

Q. Will this item pass NCRS or Bloomington Gold or other "Judging" standards?
A.  We can not tell you what will  "pass" a certain standard, as we have found many discrepancies between standards and original blueprints, original research we have done over the past 25 years.   > standards/opions keep chaning - we are very clear with the online catalog descriptions and photos  <<  

We try and mark in the catalog if an item is a replacement. This will indicate to you that it is not the same in appearance to an "original"

USE THE ONLINE CATALOG to view the photos , and click on view details link for more info if listed.

In many cases, we put the head marks in brackets, i.e. (TR), (M hdmk) etc. this will indicate what we are selling, but just because it doesn't say a mark in the description, does not mean it doesn't have one. See on "online ordering area" of the website 1000's of photos. (click on the photo or view details for a larger view)

We have done over 30 years of research, looking at original, non restored cars, reading numerous manuals,
blueprints etc...
If you have done your research and are looking for a particular mark, style of part etc. and can't tell if the catalog has what you are looking for, be specific in what you want, don't just ask "will this pass NCRS" or the judge took off is yours correct ? we don't know what you have..

Fax or email us a list with your order form, be specific if this is just a question or an order, and mark that you want correct markings only etc.... and we will do our best to sort it out.   - do not call us with I got points off for this is your correct , Read the catalog- , look at the online pictures ... most of these question can be figured out that way, or else - email with specifics. Take note, different judges interpret the judging manuals differently at the various shows, so what one takes off for the next one might not etc..

Suggested reading: The assembly manual, Corvette Restoration by Noland Adams, The Fact Book by MF Dobbins all listed in our catalog in section #02 decals, labels, books section.

Q. How do I know how many of an items is needed.
A. Read the Description in the Catalog > it will either say (4) or (set) etc..
   Also see the # needed column, This is the column before the price - This may say 1 or 2 etc
    1 means you need 1  PER CAR,  2 MEAN YOU NEED 2 PER CAR,
     You need to TELL US 2 if it states 2 in this column.

Q. Do you have a set for that ?
A: Everything is listed in the book either individually or in sets if available.
 i.e.. in section 04  headlights, you can purchase all items for the bulb install separately as section 04-21J, 04-21L,04-21H OR  as a SET if you look at section #04-21L, this is listed as "1 set" and lists which items are included.  Also see example in section 42 weatherstrips, we list all the soft top weatherstrips separately and then we list  sets for all the "soft top weather strips" or car sets of all the weatherstrips for a roadster or coupe, with the individual #'s listed in (15c,18a,18c etc...).  Usually the sets are listed after the other parts, or at the bottom of the page and their is usually an arrow
4next to the sets, to identify them easily.

Q. Will my address be sold and will I be inundated with spam and mail.
A. NO!, We keep all information private and confidential. Our databases are secure and the computers used to store your data are not connected to the internet, so no unauthorized access will occur.
We Mail our Catalog out ONCE A YEAR. Please retain it for the full year or refer to the copy online. You can always download the latest updated catalog from the website.
 We have contracted with Parts 123 and they are keeping all the credit card information and order transactions secure, our ordering computer and our processing computer are on 2 different networks, so the information is not available to be accessed from the outside.  We email you with order confirmations, and back order notifications only. (you will see https: this shows you it is a secure connection). (do not email credit card information)

Q. Do you attend Carlisle, Bloomington, Englishtown etc.
A. No, We are too busy here at home processing your orders.
We DO NOT attend ANY shows and we do not send any representatives.
We might send some catalogs to clubs who request them.
Don't be fooled by anyone in a T-shirt. It's not us.

Questions regarding order processing: / shopping carts, etc:

Q. I can't find my cart online ?

A.  cart build tool was updated and works well for saving cart -- YOU MUST SAVE THE CART NAME to RECALL the cart. we can not pull up a cart without the name -  if you have the name and can not pull up the Saved Cart then either email us with the name and date/time and we will try to help or contact joe@parts123.com they handle the cart feature (they are not here at our location and do not know about parts)

Q. Why do I need to enter my credit card / address each time ?
A. The web company (parts123) we use to secure your information, does not retain your information to protect you from fraud. The info is saved in the system and deleted once we download the order. You will have to enter your info each time. This is to keep your billing info and credit card information away from prying eyes.

Q. how much is shipping ?
A. We don't charge a blanket inflated shipping charge. on the web order you will see TBD (to be determined). We charge shipping according to the UPS chart, which is based on size, weight + your zip code. It is impossible for us to estimate for each order online. Minimum shipping is averaging about $15 . minimum order is $20 subtotal.  Additional charges to the shipping cost are extra large boxes, packaging needed to protect the parts from breakage and insurance. 
> If you absolutely need a quote on shipping, put a note in the special instruction box (on the checkout screen) and we can email you an estimate, this will hold up your order until you email us back.

no International shipping - no Canada -- USA only.
do to increased, complex customs requirements we no longer ship outside of USA.

Do you have a question for us?  see bottom of page for email  -- please use email for all tech questions

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