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Dash cluster Rebuilding Parts    63-67 Corvette

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#39-29a speedometer and tachometer lens  (plastic ) 1963  need 2                        

#39-29a speedometer and tachometer lens  (plastic ) 1963  need 2                       


  #39-29b speedometer and tachometer lens  (glass) 64,65,66,67  need 2

#39-29c speedometer and tachometer lens for speedwarning option  (plastic ) 1967

#39-30a    small gauge lens 1963 need 4

#39-30b  small gauge lens 64-67  need 4

#39-31a Needle for speedometer or tachometer 63, 64   need 2  

#39-31b Needle for speedometer or tachometer 65,66,67   need 2

#39-31c small gauge pointer  63,64  need 4 -  not available.#39-31a small gauge pointer  65-67  need 4 -  not available

#39-32a or b Odometer Cables

.#39-34 Odometer number wheels 63-67 1 pair

#39-35 Odometer Gear Set  (3 pc) (you need to re-time speedo, if you remove magnetic gear - bring it to any speedo shop)

#39-36    Gaskets for Odometer lens and Dash Lenses 63-67 


#39-37    Rear cluster case screw and pal nut set (21 pcs) 63-67


#39-38E Terminals for ammeter or temp gauge (1 PR)  65-7 need  2 PR

#39-38F  Terminals for fuel gauge (1 pair ) 65,66,67


#39-38G     Small gauge mounting reinforcements (set of 3)



#39-40z    small face rivets (10)

#39-41c speedo/tach face slotted screws (4)

#39-41d    tach/speedo mounting screw, grommet and cushion (5+5+2)

#39-41e    round cushions (grommets) for speedo/tach mounting (set of 5)

##39-41F   rectangular cushion for speedo/tach (2) 1 pair


#39-46    odometer plastic lens 

#39-46b    Dash bulb filter set - 2 green for turn signal,
1 red for brake light warning + 5 cardboard tubes


#39-46c    5 cardboard tubes only


#39-49    ground terminal on back of cluster


#43-17A,B,C,E   interior bulb sets - all bulbs for dash + dome  + courtesy
set comes labeled in case


gauges:    K&B repro - (import)
correct GM Licensed Repros:

#39-38 ... ammeters
#39-39 ... Fuel gauges
#39-40     Temp Gauges,   Oil Gauges
#39-41    speedometer - not available
#39-42a,b,c ... speedo gauge faces
#39-42f,g,h   Tachometer faces


Switches - see section 39 in catalog

#43-18  dash label - on back of cluster

all switches and knobs listed in section 39 -   see schematic catalog page   
   or shop online link section 39


see section 12 for more center dash items  and radio area



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