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Chevrolet Corvette Consoles, shifter indicators 3 spd,4 spd, automatic

(we no longer sell the reproduction consoles
- because of continual availability issues, quality  and price increases.)

we do sell console repair kits - indicators and mounting hardware - see section 15

see catalog section  #15 part 03b ...



photo only -- all sold out -- 65-67 AUTOMATIC #15-03C   x no more

 nos/console  GM #3900310



used  if avail - see #15-03CU

Corvette Console Repair Kits and Shift Indicators

#15-33 console clips  (pr) 64-67 Corvette  

 console bracket          console bracket    console bracket


console shift pattern   

#15-11A 1963 Corvette Console shifter 4 speed indicator

console shift pattern  #15-11b 1963 Corvette Console  1963 automatic indicator

   #15-11 d,e,f etc   console rebuild kits      
   15-11f 4 spd shown
(surround with correct grain, shift pattern , ash tray door with riveted knob.)
(comes with protective film - peel off before installing)



#15-11N   console surround with correct grain
(comes in kits 15-11c-f )
note: comes with plastic on front  to protect -   peel off before installing

console shift pattern  #15-11E  auto console kit  65,66,67 Automatic
comes with this plate + ash tray door with knob

console shift pattern #15-11G 3 spd indicator

4 SPD SHIFT PATTERN CORVETTE #15-11H   4 spd indicator 64-67 4 speed
                                           (improved - darker ! 2015)

 #15-11K shifter indicator64 AUTO

 - we  have horseshoe moldings only . see -15-03G console 63

 #15-03G 1963 console horseshoe molding

 x   15-03A  1963 main console   non power windows   

  S   #15-03pw  main console  with power windows   - all gone.

1963 console
 side pieces  (1 pr)
#15-03k console 63

 no more

console 63   console 63

console 63


catalog section 15 schematic page

1967 Corvette parking Brake console

park brake console    section  15-13  park brake console 1967 - black only
 and brackets and slides assembly - all in section 15

park brake console #
15-16B console slide retainer with chrome trim installed.  x
park brake console #
15-38  1967 park brake console rear reinforcement

park brake console #15-39 brake console lower support & bracket 1967


Chevrolet Corvette Consoles, shifter indicators 3 spd,4 spd, automatic


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