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drawings and description pages

section 01 emblems, hood grills, Emblem nuts

order section 01

section 01
section 02 Decals, Labels, Books, frame stencils, 427 Hood Stencil, Stamp kits,
Books, Owner's manuals, Assembly Manuals,
order section 02
section 02
section 03 Grills and grill mounting, nose support rods  , parking lights
grill rods  parking light lensgrill bracket grill
order section 03
section 03
section 04 Headlights and HL mounting

order section 04

section 04
section 05 Fuel tank area, Rear Body and Tail lights, fuel tank, lids, bezels,
order section 05
section 05
section 06 Bumpers and Bumper mounting and Front license area
order section 06

section 06
and section 07
section 07 Rear License mounting  and rear filler panel area , tail pipe bezels   order section 07
section 08 Wiper and washer, A/C battery access panel
order section 08 
section 08
section 09 Doors: door panels, door handles, all door hardware, power windows, internal door latches, rods, etc...
order section 09

section 09
section 10 mirror and visors
order section 10

section 10 and 11
section 11 tire carrier trays, and all mounting hardware, bolts, locks tubs etc
order section 11
section 12 dash: dash pads, center dash, dash knobs, radio & speaker,
          dash insulation,  fresh air vents, blower & vent cables
order section 12

section 12
section 13 Glove compartment , glove box repair plates,
 glove box screws, u nuts, locks
order section 13
section 13
section 14 Door sills and rocker panels, carpet supports
order section 14
section 14
section 15 Console & Carpets, 67 Brake console: console area and carpet ,
ash tray,  power window switch etc, shifter boots,
 console kits, brake console,  center arm rest etc,
carpets, floor mats, Transmission insulation
brake console slide chrome trim
power windows
order section 15
section 15
section 16 seat mounting: seat covers and all seat hardware,
seat belt mounting, seat rails
order section 16
section 16 & 17
section 17 jack compartment , floor plugs    order section 17
section 18 steering columns, and horns, steering couplers, horn buttons,   order section 18
section 18
section 19 convertible and hard top mounting: convertible latches,
convert & coupe rear deck area
, pinchwelt, deck spring tool ,
 convert and hardtop latches, hardware, rear deck latches, hardware -
 tops, headliners, behind seat panels,     
order section 19
section 19
section 20 hood latches, catches, hinges, supports, hood cables
order section 20
section 20
section 21 engine: radiator  hoses, fittings, oil tube, water pumps, vacuum fittings, Intake Fittings
intake bolts, bypass& water pump  fittings, therm housings, water pumps and kits

order section 21
section 21
section 22 engine: air cleaners, air cleaner covers, elements,
valve covers,  fuel pumps, carburetors, pcv and pcv hose clips,
 valve cover bolts, exhaust bolts, fuel filters, accel linkage, accel springs, vacuum lines, fuel lines etc, choke, ...

   RBW Corvette Valve Cover bolt C2
order section 22
section 22
section 23 alternator pulleys & alternator mounting and
power steering
mounting, power steering pulleys
see section 41 for pistons, valves, kits
order section 23
section 23
section 24 heater hoses, clamps, wire and hose straps,expansion tank, pulleys, harmonic balancers, fans, fan clutch, radiator caps

order section 24

section 24
section 25 radiators, shrouds, radiator supports, brackets, hardware, hose clamp sets -
order section 25
section 25
section 26 skirt seals, splash shield, fender seals, splash shields, metal and rubber,
voltage regulators & mounts

order section 26
section 26
section 27 battery trays and hardware
(a/c & 396 battery access see section 8)   
order section 27
section 27
section 28 clutch, accelerator, brake -pedals etc

order section 28
section 28
section 29 antenna, power antenna switch 
order section 29
section 29
section 30 327 ignition shielding, v-shields ,
coil support bracket 327 
  made in USAs
order section 30
section 30
section 31 396 & 427 ignition shielding   , 427 coil supports
   made in USA
order section 31
section 31
section 32 shifter, shifter linkage and transmission
mounting brackets, backup light switch, transmission gears,
transmission rebuild kits

order section 32
section 32
section 33 side pipes and exhaust pipes and mounting hardware
 exhaust manifolds, side pipe covers

order section 33
section 33
section 34 air conditioning brackets 327 & 427,      order section 34
section 34,35,36
section 35 air cond fittings,  valves, a/c condensors& a/c hoses
< back in stock !
order section 35
section 36 Air Conditioning - ducts,  a/c heater box,  order section 36
section 37 heater cowl /firewall -speedometer, tachometer cables,
firewall:  grommets, resistors etc,  heater boxes,
& gasket sets
order section 37
section 37
section 38 engine & trans mounts, oil lines &oil pans fittings,
oil canister
dipsticks, dipstick tubes,  timing chain covers, oil pans
oil pan bolts, timing chain cover bolts...
order section 38
section 38
section 39 dash cluster: gauges, lenses, switches 
wiper knobs, switches, lighters, dash/blower and vent cables
fuse block

order section 39
section 39
section 40 396 & 427 rear stabilizer bar & hardware   order section 40
section 40
and section 41
section 41 Power steering  -section 41
pistons, valves, conversion kits.
order section 41
section 42 rubber weatherstrips and window channels: wipes ,flex channels, molding clips,  coupe drip rail repair
order section 42
section 42
section 43 wire harnesses, wiring diagrams, battery cables, fuse sets, wire s-clips , Interior bulb sets, fuses, flashers
order section 43

section 43
section 44 interior screw sets   order section 44
section 44
and section 45
section 45 paint and polish, interior dye
semigloss black, chevy orange  - etc
order section 45
section 46 steel wheels, hubcaps & trim rings; knock off wheels , spinners , hammer,etc      order section 46
section 46
section 47 parking brake                 order section 47
section 47
section 48 distributors and transistor ignition                 order section 48
section 48
section 49 front suspension: front springs, a-arms, ball joints, stabilizer bars, shocks
order section 49
section 49
and section 50
section 50 steering linkage , tie rods, steering shock
order section 50
section 51 rear suspension: differential, rear spring, shocks, trailing arms.

1/2 shafts, u-joints ,

order section 51
section 51
section 52 brakes and brake lines & clips sets; power boosters, master cylinders,
Z06 brake parts
section 52

section 52
section 53 body mounts, ground straps, radio capacitors, frame sections & brackets

order section 53
section 53
section 54 fiberglass body panels
order section 54
section 54
section 55 tools, rivets   order section 55
section 55
section 56 fuel injection  order section 56
section 56
section 57 window stainless moldings, molding clip sets (+ nos moldings)
order section 57
section 57
section 58 automatic: trans coolers, auto dipsticks, auto kick down linkage

order section 58
section 58
section 59 belts -correct Corvette belts order section 59
section 59
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corvette switches,
 fittings,   hoses,  springs
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