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Corvette Boots, Seals Clutch, Shifter etc...

for pricing see the section on catalog page -#28-02 (see section 28  -part 02)

#28-02 $  clutch fork boot (in bell housing)clutch boot

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 #28-17a $ 63-64 early 65 clutch rod boot (2 hole mounting)
                       (bracket see #28-18a)

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#28-17b $ 65-67 clutch rod boot (3 hole mounting)
                        (bracket see #28-18b)

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#28-37 $ master cylinder boot        boot

#15-08a $ 63 4 spd Corvette shifter boot


#15-08b $ 63 auto & 3 pd Corvette shifter boot

boot #15-08b $

#15-08c 64-67 4 spd Corvette shifter boot


#15-08d 64 auto upper seal  -available -

boot #15-08d

#15-08dL shifter lower seal auto 64 --not avail


#15-08E 65-67 auto Corvette shifter boot

boot #15-08E

see section 32 for shifters.


#50-04C tie rod end boot  tie rod boot

#50-14 relay rod seal  boot

#11-15 tire lock boot    boot

#05-08  fuel overflow boot    boot

shifter schematic

  We have all your Midyear (63-67) Corvette Parts in Stock - Shifter boots, Clutch Boots, Bellhousing boots, fuel neck boot etc...


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