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Corvette parts, bolts with headmarkings

           bolt sets with headmarks      see the section on catalog page           
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Corvette Bolts
Corvette bolts with headmarks


Corvette Bumper Bolts

#06-16c    front bumper bolt set, Corvette 63-67

#06-16d    rear bumper bolt set, Corvette 63-67

   front bumper bolt sets, many headmarks were used
 we only have M and WB 

 (sets include all bolts & washers)

WB black 7/16-14 x 2-1/4  in front set and as #06-21

Corvette Bolts

#53-01   body mount set -   WB

Corvette Bolts

Valve Cover Bolts Corvette

#22-23A   63 phillips head valve cover bolt (set of 8) (early 63)

63 early  Corvette Bolts

#22-23B     63-67 aluminum valve cover bolt set  

  (M headmark) (set of 8) Corvette Bolts
correct M with circles

63-67  Corvette Valve Cover Bolts Corvette Bolts

#22-23D   steel valve cover bolt set ( 63-66 327) (rbw headmark) (set of 8)
(indented hex head) 
63-66 327  Corvette Bolts RBW


#22-23E   steel valve cover bolt set ( 67 327)
 (rbw headmark) (set of 8)
(flat head)

67 327   Corvette Bolts RBW

#22-23F    steel valve cover bolt set ( 65-66 396/427)
 (rbw headmark) (set of 14)
(indented hex head)

65-66 396/427   Corvette Bolts RBW

#22-23G Steel valve cover bolt 427  
(10 "rbw" headmark + 4 "sbc" headmark (longer)
 (both flat head)  67 427

Corvette Bolts RBW, SBC

#22-23GA   steel valve cover bolt 427 with a/c (9 "rbw" headmark + 5 "sbc" headmark (longer)
 (flat head)

67 427 a/c

Corvette Bolts  RBW, SBC

#22-23GB   steel valve cover bolt 427 no radio
( 14 "rbw" headmark
 (flat head)

67 427 no radio   v RBW

Corvette Bolts
#22-23A,  #22-23B 63-66 rbw   67 rbw  67 sbc

Corvette Fuel Pump Boltsp bolts:

#22-33A   fuel pump bolts 327 (zinc/silver)

63-67   Corvette Bolts Corvette Bolts  rsc

#22-33B   fuel  pump bolt 396/427 (black)  65-67

Corvette Intake Manifold Bolts

#21-24A  intake manifold bolts (AP headmark)
 (set of 12) 63
Corvette Bolts AP

#21-24B   intake manifold bolts (TR headmark)
 (set of 12)  1964  
Corvette Bolts TR

#21-24C   intake manifold bolts (m headmark) 327
 (set of 12) Black
(yes aluminum intakes did use black bolts)

65-67  Corvette Bolts M

#21-24D    intake manifold bolts (m headmark) 396/427
 (set of 16)
   65-67Corvette Bolts M


Corvette Bolts Intake bolts side view

Corvette Exhaust Manifold Bolts

short 327 Corvette exhaust bolt
"o" headmark    O   corvette exhaust bolt headmark  |3733130       corvette exhaust bolt headmark  |3733130 |3733134

#22-26    long 327 Corvette exhaust bolt
"o" headmark    

 O   corvette exhaust bolt headmark |3733134

#22-26D >>

427 exhaust bolt: 
3/8-16x1-1/4" hex head bolt "o headmark"
grade 8 -black ox:

(section - part) (used in these sets:)

#22-26D,   22-26E, #22-26F,  #40-10/a>,     ##41-15

          EXHAUST BOLT CORVETTE    corvette exhaust bolt headmark  |3736035

Corvette Headlight Pod Screws

#04-02   headlight pod screw (set of 12) (b&h)
(silver color /zinc plate)    63-67

Corvette Bolts B&H

also #19-53     rear deck catch screws ( set of 8)(b&h)
(silver color /zinc plate)


63-67   #24-04   expansion tank strap bolts (pr) ("EL")
(silver color /zinc plate)  63-67  
    EL  expansion tank bolt |9418916

#38-22A   Oil pan bolts (327) (18 pc) ("E" +  L )
(silver color /zinc plate)   63-67

L  E Corvette Bolts

#38-22B    oil pan bolts (396/427) (23 pc) (18 "E" +5 " L")
(silver color /zinc plate)    65-67

 L E  Corvette Bolts

#38-23A   timing chain cover bolts (327) (10 pc ) ("E")
(silver color /zinc plate)   63-67

 E  Corvette Bolts

#38-23B    timing chain cover bolts (396 & 427) (10 pc) ("E") (silver color /zinc plate)


#30-26  327 ignition shield top bolt "e" (1)


 E  e bolt |423554

#31-20   396 & 427 coil support bolts "rbw" (pr)

65-67  Corvette Bolts  Corvette Bolts RBW

'E' bolt black 5/16" used all over:

#20-22 hood hinge, #20-09 hood catch,  
#26-06 splash shield, #16-12a seat mount etc ...
all these locations (sect-part)


Corvette BoltsCorvette Bolts
e bolt 


#20-25     hood support bolts (2 +2)
"anchor" and "E"   63-67   Corvette Bolts ANCHOR & E


#08-25  battery access panel bolts (set of 6)
(396 & a/c cars)   63-67

Corvette Bolts ANCHOR

 #26-33b  voltage regulator bolt "M" with mounts
(set of 3 + 3)   63-67   Corvette Bolts  M

#21-25a   water pump bolt set 63-67 327 non a/c "tr"

Corvette Bolts TR heamark


#21-25b     water pump bolt set 64-67 327 with a/c
 "TR headmark" except shorter black is no marking

64-67    Corvette Bolts   Corvette Bolts TR


#21-25c  water pump bolt& stud set 65-67 396 & 427
 TR headmark   

TR headmark

thermostat housing bolts -see housing page
or   web order housing bolts   online now

radiator shroud and support bolts

section 25

rsc  Corvette Bolts


#25-03a   radiator shroud top bracket bolt set
3 "wb" bolts with washers 63-65 327


  Corvette Boltswb

25-03b   radiator shroud top bracket bolt set
2 rsc bolts + 1 "wb" bolts with washers 
66-67 327 + 427

66-67  Corvette Bolts rsc  wb

25-03c   radiator shroud top bracket bolt set
 (2 rsc long bolts, 1 wb short + washers)
 65 396 + 67  L88


 rsc  wb   Corvette Bolts  Corvette Bolts 

25-06   radiator shroud bracket bolts
for the 2 427 side brackets (#25-04a&b) (rsc)  66-67

Corvette Bolts Corvette Bolts  rsc

25-13a   shroud bolts (set of 6) with split lock washers
63-65  (wb)  

Corvette Bolts wb

25-13b   shroud bolts (set of 4) with split lock washers
(wb)   (side of shroud to support)  66-67

Corvette Bolts Corvette Bolts wb

25-14A    radiator support bolt set  (2 rsc + washers) 63-67

Corvette Bolts  Corvette Bolts rsc

25-14B   radiator support bolt set  (wb)  63-67

Corvette Bolts wb


see catalog section #25 for schematic diagrams for location

Corvette Bolts rbw1/4-20 x 1/2" hex bolt rbw grade 2, zinc plated

used in many locations:  (section#-part#)
#06-03d,22-23e,22-23g,24-25a,b,c,d ; 06-03d,22-23e,22-23g,24-25a,b,c,d ; 28-45,28-48a,56-01c,58-08

Corvette Bolts  wb

wb bolt -
5/16-18x3/4" zinc plate

used in : #03-21,03-32,18-59a,20-33,22-12b,22-12c,25-03b,25-03c,25-13a,25-13b,25-36c,#28-51,#33-39c,#33-39c,#40-06,#40-12,#52-22,#52-42e


Corvette Bolts wb

wb bolt-
5/16-18x1" zinc plate
used in : 
 #23-14 alternator top bolt set
#25-03a rad bkt bolt set


Corvette Bolts 

 #28-55     #21-24d    M headmark :  #28-55bell housing mounting bolt (set of 6)
#21-24d 427 intake manifold bolts

#52-23b   power brake booster bracket bolts   ANCHOR 

Corvette Bolts anchor

Corvette Bolts tr

#21-24B   #18-70,  #21-24b,  #32-16b,  #48-36

tr headmark (3/8" x 1" hex bolt "tr"
grade 5, black ox

used in sets: #18-70,#21-24b,#32-16b,
#48-36  (section -part )


#49-10    #49-10 lower a-arm bolt,lw, retainer set
(1 car set)    O heamark

 o  Corvette Bolts

#52-32   #52-32 caliper mounting bolt set
(1 car set)  o headmark

#49-50   #49-50 upper bushing retainer bolt lw set
(3/8-24 x 7/8") ( 1 car set)  o heamrk

Corvette Bolts o Corvette Bolts

#51-02   7/16"-14x1/4" bolt "o" headmark)

used in sets:
38-09,  51-68a, 51-77b

Corvette BoltsCorvette Bolts

 no, we do not sell single bolts -

 see section # for set descriptions -thanks --- order online

enter part # in box section-part   #51-02 then "go"

a note about headmarks: there were many different headmarks used from the factory.
The ones we offer above and in catalog are the only ones we have and we have determined through years of  research to have been used on the years listed. We are providing these pictures for your reference.


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