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Corvette Fan Clutch 63,64,65,66,67, 327,396,427

63-67  Corvettes used 2 types of fan clutches #3916141
   Schwitzer  "bar type"   and Eaton "Coil-type"  Both were used interchangeably in 63-67 Corvettes.

#24-30A  327  "bar type" fan clutch 1.8" shaft -

#24-3OB  396/427 "bar type" fan clutch   1.5 shaft-

   NOTE: Repros do not  have patent pending markings and do not have date codes.
 Imported, and these  have standard nut sizes (not metric)  (coil type is not available.)

note this is the K&B Brand repro:

fan clutch repro corvette c2
fan clutch
fan clutch

fan clutch repro
more photos
click to enlarge >

fan clutchfan clutchfan clutchfan clutch fan clutch


 # 24-30   Fan clutch - coil type -   all gone --

(these are photos of GM over the counter model) >

Nov 2011 - all sold out - you might get direct from chevy (about $300)
 2013 - Chevy is Discontinued -(#3916141)
no repros of coil type.

fan clutchfan clutchfan clutch
no repros of coil type.
 Fan clutch - coil type -   all gone --
 how to adjust fan clutch article(coil type)

327 original shaft length was 1.8"    ink-stamped CJ  -see #02-15g  for stamp

396 & 427 original shaft length was 1.5"     ink- stamped CK see #02-15h for stamp


   fan clutch eliminator  #24-30R

 makes fan spin continuously for more cooling.

  bolts up in same position -replaces clutch


 one size 63-67 Corvette only - we do not  have other sizes

fan clutch fan clutchfan clutch

Corvette Fan Blades link


 see #02-15 for stamps on fan clutchfan clutch stamp

 #02-15G  Stamp for "CJ" on fan clutch 327

 #02-15H Stamp for "CK" on fan clutch  396&427

 fan clutch  fan clutch
 photo of original fan clutch.
(showing patent pending info stamped at top)


fan clutchfan clutchfan clutch
pictures of an original bar type Schwitzer clutch -
not for sale.fan clutch


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