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Corvette Aluminum Wheels, Knock Off and Bolt on and Direct Bolt

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63-66 knock off wheel, 63-66 direct bolt on/knock offs and 1967 bolt on sets-
    Corvette America Reproductions - DOT Inspected, reproductions

New Knock off and bolt on wheels (retooled August 2009 )
With the help of numerous Corvette Restoration experts
and NCRS judges these wheels have been completely retooled
63 KO wheels - new retooled.Aluminum Wheel hardware
1963,1964,1965,1966 ORIGINAL-STYLE KNOCKOFFS  

  63-66 Knock Off Wheel Set· Extensively Researched. · Completely Retooled Wheels. · Correct Mounting Hardware.

· All Inclusive Sets - Wheels & Hardware.  ( 4 wheels with cones, spinners, adapter, caps, pins, lugnuts, hammer)
For those of you who are looking for true originality when it comes to knockoff wheels, but don’t want to pay the price for a set of used Kelsey Hayes originals,  Beautiful replicas of the factory optional 1963-1966 Knockoff Wheels. And now they are closer to original than ever - Correct thickness on the fins !  Complete installation instructions also included.These 1963-1966 Original Style Knockoff Wheel Hardware is interchangeable with the hardware originally supplied from the factory.  Knock off Wheel Sets :

x we don't sell these -- see the knock off/bolt on type below 46-29  more secure/safer.

Our  price on wheel sets - also includes shipping

take a look at the sets below - more secure with direct bolt on knock off >

63-66 Direct Bolt - Knock Off wheels :

for the LOOK of Knock off wheel but the safety of a bolt on.· Extensively Researched. · Completely Retooled Wheels. · Correct Mounting Hardware.
· All Inclusive Sets - 4 Wheels & Hardware.

Our wheel and hardware design creates the look of Original-Style Knockoff Wheels while allowing the wheel to bolt directly to your hub. Once installed, Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels are virtually indistinguishable from Original-Style Knockoffs.
With Direct-Bolt Knockoff Wheels you get original-style looks and ease of use.
You don’t need a lead hammer for the spinner installation; it mounts directly to a specially designed and patented wheel adaptor. The spinners are the same as those used on our Original Style Knockoffs, as are the center caps and anti-theft pins.
Sets include 4 wheels as well as the hardware needed for each wheel, including lug nuts.
Complete installation instruction are also included - Correct Fin Width , virtually indistinguishable from Original-Style Knockoffs, once installed.    
our price on sets includes shipping

#46-29A  DIRECT Bolt - Knock Off Wheel Set  63-64 Corvette

#46-29B  DIRECT Bolt - Knock Off Wheel Set  1965 Corvette

#46-29C  DIRECT Bolt - Knock Off Wheel Set  1966 Corvette
 bolt on knock off wheel spinner bokoAluminum Wheel hardware
this is sample of aolt on/knock off wheel and hub -
the wheel is held on by the lugnuts - not just by the spinner -
this set includes spinners, adapters, cones, 4 wheels, lugnuts.

1967 Bolt-On Wheels Aluminum Wheel hardware
Replicas of the Original Wheels and Hardware
· Extensively Researched.
· Completely Retooled Wheels.
· Correct Mounting Hardware.

Widely recognized as the most beautiful wheels ever produced for Corvettes.
 In addition to the wheels themselves all mounting hardware is made like their original counterpartsSets feature 4 Replica Bolt-On Wheels , 4 starburst retaining rings, 4 starburst centers, 4 center caps, 16 bolt-on wheel clips, 68 bolt-on wheel hardware screws, and lug nuts. Complete installation instructions also included.

Please Note:  1967 Bolt-On Wheel Hardware is interchangeable with the hardware originally supplied from the factory.#46-17 1967 Direct Bolt on Wheel set for 67 Corvette
our price on sets includes shipping Aluminum Wheel hardwareAluminum Wheel hardwareAluminum Wheel hardware
46-14a charcoalAluminum Wheel hardware

this is the starburst hardware -all included in the set - see #46-11,46-13.46-14a, 46-14b if you want separate pieces.
                                  wheel sets and individual pieces :        knock off wheels    and   direct bolt on wheels

63-66 knock off wheel,
 63-66 direct bolt on and 1967 bolt on sets-
                               Corvette America Reproductions - DOT Inspected, reproductions

#46-16c knock off wheel pins Aluminum Wheel hardware

#46-16F & G  knock off wheel adapters   Aluminum Wheel hardware

#46-08a knock off wheel center cap (with red, white, blue decals)   Aluminum Wheel hardware

knock off wheel cones

 63-65 Polished Cone(s.s.)    #46-09 

1966  Brushed cone (ss)   #46-10

Aluminum Wheel hardwareAluminum Wheel hardware

#46-16 E & F  spinners     Aluminum Wheel hardwareAluminum Wheel hardware

Direct-Bolt 1963-1966 Knockoff Wheel hardware:

 'Direct bolt on ' wheel adapter -
(comes in set only) - wheel bolts to adapter and spinner is decorative.

Aluminum Wheel hardware

1967 Bolt on Wheel Sets and components

  Aluminum Wheel hardware 
1967 bolt on wheel hardware: see #46-11,46-13.46-14A, 46-14B if you want separate pieces.

 Aluminum Wheel hardware  Aluminum Wheel hardware   Aluminum Wheel hardware

1967 bolt on wheel starburst #46-14A 
  (starburst does not come with cap see 46-14b)
(note: the starburst are the original color (charcoal). same for new repro and original color - if you have "older repro" the color will not match)                                

 46-14a charcoal  and bolt on wheel cap #46-14b      

Aluminum Wheel hardware

Knock off wheel hammers- correct reproductions: 

46-07a 65-66 ko wheel hammer63-64 knock off wheel hammer #46-07A (visible weld)  

   46-07a 63-64 ko wheel hammer65-66 knock off wheel hammer #46-07b
 (welded on inside- non visible weld) 

Aluminum Wheel hardware tools  #46-27  (3 pc tool)  Aluminum Wheel hardware tools
photo of tool #46-27- (spinner not included)

    Knock off Wheel Wrench  63-67 Corvette #46-27
Cast Aluminum Tool fits over spinner -NO more Hammering!

(Tool is made on ALUMINUM which is Softer than the spinner,
therefore, no scratching
and the Long handle gives good leverage)  USA

(If your spinner is stuck - above tool will not work - you will need to use a dead blow hammer)

Aluminum Wheel hardware tools   CAP PULLER #46-28 LIC

 #46-28 Knock off wheel spinner cap -puller-   
                   suction cup pulls it right off.

 "older repro" =  pre August 2009 when wheels were re-tooled, older repros had thicker fins than original wheels. - we don't have any more hardware for the older repros.


  63,64,65,66,67 Chevrolet Corvette RPO # P48 N89 Quick Take Off Wheels, Aluminum Bolt On Wheels left = driver's side Read this if you have knock off or bolt on wheels- be safe:
Knock off wheels installation instruction sheet -   (pdf)

If you have the Older repro wheels - (pre Sept 2009 Corvette America Repro) - we still have hardware:#46-11C

 BO CAP RETAINING RING (FOR OLD REPRO (<9/09)(.65ht)  1967
This ring is for older repro (pre Aug 09)is #46-11c .65" tall

for original Bolt on Wheels or for New repro bolt on wheels (after Aug 09)
height .86" tall -see #46-11A
Aluminum Wheel hardware  
    pre Sept 2009 repro - sold out >  Old style – made before 2009 aluminum wheels  older repro: Wheel fins were wider  - fin width .225-230    1 orig and current repro  fin width is .160-170  > also the repro with this width as 8 ribs upper and lower on the back side to strengthen the wheel .2 The color of the older repro was powder coated black –   
  The new wheel and original is charcoal gray color3. If you look at the bolt on ring #46-11 the height of the older (pre 2009) is .65 tall(the current repro and orig inal height is .86 tall) #46-11 

 67 Bolt on Wheel Screwdriver is NOT AVAILABLE  see page with photos-

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