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63-67 Oil Pans 

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4 qt -correct repro !  #38-26N   -- 4 qt oil pan -
Corvette applications: 63-65 250hp,300hp, 350hp and 66-67 300hp and 350hp

correct shape, correct reinforcements, correct center drain with "A" headmark, correct inner baffles, correct drain location (on back)


38-27C OIL DRAIN PLUG Correct Drain plug with "A"  #38-27C

#38-26D 65-67 396 & 427 Corvette
Correct Oil Pan with windage tray and correct corner reinforcements.
(new GM pan and we add reinforcements)


  #38-26G corner reinforcements only( set of 4 )

4 qt replacement with drain on the side. (orig had drain in the rear - see above#38-26N)  comes with gaskets and pickup
 #38-26A 63-65 250-300hp,350 hp   +     #38-26C  66-67 300-350hp


#38-26B 5 qt 63-65  340hp or 365-375 hp -  call US for NOS/new  pan < ck link
See photos thru link   (5QT + 1 in filter = 6 qts oil)

comparison of repro and replacement pans:

#38-22A  327 Oil pan bolt set  with headmarks
#38-22B   396 & 427  Oil pan bolt set  with headmarksrelated pages:

oil fill tubes - section 21     #21-22 ...
oil canister, filter   section 38   #38-11
oil dipsticks, tubes section 38   #38-24   #38-25


We are the 63-67 Corvette Parts Source

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