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 63-67 Corvette Jacks  -     made in USA  !
jacks sold out - can not make more - 2017
--  photos here for your reference. --  we have handles and bearings ....

corvette jacks compare

17-02a  $  Corvette Jack (type I)  63-64 all + 65 to ser# 12000
 >> 17-02A type I   is sold out - can not make more - 2014

     yes stamped A on top


  click photos in blue box for larger picture
#17-02C $  Corvette Jack (type III)  66-67
(and possibly 65 late after vin 20,000
with  nylon bearing (re NCRS 1965 Judging guide))


#17-02D  $  Corvette Jack (type III) dated   (same as above but with date)
67 dated: Corvette Jacks were only dated January through June of 67   A-E
(picture at right shows 67d April 67)         


#17-03a  $  jack handle no hole 63-64 Corvette  

#17-03b $  jack handle 1 hole 65-66 Corvette  (1 hole top only) 

#17-03c  $   jack handle 3 holes 1967 Corvette (1 on top and 1 on each side)


jack is stored in the jack compartment behind the seats -

   the cover for the compartment - is #17-01 jack board -- the labels on the board are sold in section 02

 handle is stored inside the jack and both are fastened with a springs  #17-06a or 17-06b

#17-01 jack board  shown with labels   -- no carpet, no ring (#17-05)
 see section 02 for labels
JP Stevens label #02-05F    "11" carpet inspection label #02-05g       
 #02-05a,b,c,d... jack instruction instruct #02-07a posi instruct

catalog page:section 17 jacks and handles - 63-67 corvette  online ordering $

 These are made to look and function  the same as original Corvette 63-67 jacks.
 Yes they are functional. Can you use it? , You can but the design is over 40 years old and there are much safer jacks available.
  If you are working under the car , always use jack stands and a modern jack.


We are the 63-67 Corvette Parts Source

 only parts for 63-67 Corvettes 

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Copyright © 2017   Long Island Corvette Supply Inc. 1445 S. Strong Ave  , Copiague NY 11726

For Over 35 years, We are the 63-67 Corvette Parts Source /  parts only for 63-67Corvettes

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