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 63-67 Corvette Interior Items
- Seat Covers, Carpets, Dash Pads , Door Panels -

 chart on where to find in our catalog       white interior notes


 armrest - 63-64 - section 09-21 ...  price/ordering link

 center armrest -section 15-34 ...   price/ordering link

   cover only  #15-35 ...  price/ordering link

 carpets - section 15-30   price/ordering link corvette carpeting diagram licorvette
 dash pads - section 12-47 ...
price/ordering link
corvette dash pads 63,64,65,66,67 licorvette
 dash pads - section 12-47b center dash cover "skin"
price/ordering link
corvette dash center skin 63,64,65,66,67 licorvette
 deck trim vinyl -section #19-43 ..

price/ordering link
vinyl deck trim , corvette 65 ,66,67 licorvette

rear deck vinyl trim licorvette.com 63,64,65 corvette
 door panels -- section 09-70 ....  

price/ordering link

door panels vinyl with trim - corvette
 63 shown, all years available
 headliners -coupe -or-  hardtop - section 19-75 ...


price/ordering link

corvette headliner - 63, licorvette.com
 head rests - #16-05 ...


price/ordering link

corvette head rest vinyl
 kick panels  - section 12-42 ...


price/ordering link

kick panel carpet , cardboard 63,64,65,66,67 corvette
 1963 pinchwelt -   #19-60a

price/ordering link

 seat covers -- section 16-18 ...

price/ordering link

corvette seats 63,64,65,66,67 long island corvette
 sun visors  - section 10-18

price/ordering link

 coupe vinyl trim panel - behind seat section 19-65...

price/ordering link

interior spray dye - see # 45-50 ...         section/category 45  
 white interior- notes:  white interior is always paired with another color:
white/red, white/blue, white/black 
 ie: white/blueinteior: carpets and dash , seat belt pockets, console were blue
and the rest of the interior items were white (visors, door panels,seats, center armrest, 67 park brake console).
 we do not stock at our warehouse - carpets , door panels, seat covers -
 they will ship direct from manuf. plant -
  usually about a week for delivery -( except headliners - allow 2 weeks.)

most other items usually  in stock, in black, red, tan, bright blue  

corvette interior color chart - long island corvette color chart -


We are the 63-67 Corvette Parts Source

 only parts for 63-67 Corvettes 

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