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Inner Fender Dust Shields - over A-arm - Corvette 63-66 & 1967  

all fender and radiator seals -catalog page    (section 26 with diagram)        


#26-07A    63-66 inner fender dust shield
 (staples to fender well over a-arm) (longer leg towards front of car)

63-66     A ARM DUST SEALS

#26-07B  1967   inner fender dust shield

 (staples to fender well over a-arm)

(1 shorter leg =1967) (longer leg towards front of car)

1967 (shorter leg)

#26-05a,b,c,d   staple sets
magnetic staples for dust shields 26-05
don't mess with bending your own -
 see what other vendors are selling

 ours are magnetic and easily installed  sets of staples - easily installed - soft s.s. metal
             easily bent with pliers.

  our staples are magnetic stainless - round wire

             and look original    !
dust shield on car with staples long island corvette

 ours are magnetic , and round = like original

easily installed and bent with regular plier

 what other vendors are selling - plain wire, bend your own
                 X    or regular square staple gun staples


#26-03 & 30 METAL splash shields

metal splash shields      metal splash shields - large 26-30 licorvette  metal splash shields, small 63-67 corvette

 fan shroud seals - see section 26
 26-14A    327 63-65 lower fan shroud seal

 26-14B   65 396 lower fan shroud seal

installation diagram staples, radiator seal
radiator lower seal corvette #26-14

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Did the same thing on my 65 last winter, only I did it on a lift with a friend. Just wanted everyone to know that LICS sells the shields and they have stainless steel staples that are magnetized - turned out to be easier than I thought :)
Quoted from the NCRS.org discussion boards.


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