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accelerator spring   accelerator springs 

air cleanerAir Cleaner Covers & elements

accelerator leversaccelerator rods, linkage, levers etc
Accelerator/carb springs

pulleyalternator pulleys

wire and hose straps

a/c heater box
heater box  

Air Conditioning Ducts - Correct with knob duct

a/c valvesvalvefresistor +stv, poa,

a/c drier

air cond hose
air cond brackets 327  air cond brackets 427

air cond condenser  Air Cond Condensers

a_c heater box    36-01 small

see catalog section is the first # ie #35-10b = section 35

see Complete Air Cond Schematic sections 34,35,36 in Catalog

 Air Cond Fittings and A/C Muffler

Aluminum wheel sets and hardware  
  knock off and bolt on wheel setsaluminum wheel
aluminium wheel                  aluminium wheel


ball joints & toolsball joint

antenna  Antenna ,power antenna switch

 coolerauto trans cooler

switch  Backup light switch & 65-67 neutral safety switch switch

battery traybattery_trays   battery panelBattery panel  a/c or 396

belts - correct belts

 cableblower switch cable

  body mount    Body mount sets

  bumper bolts 

assembly manuals
shop manuals
Dobbins, Noland Adams etc...


breather/pcv 63
64-67 breather tubes

  bolts with headmarks
valve cover bolts
intake bolts
fuel pump bolts etc

cables - hood release, blower, defroster, vent  


  Holley Carburetors-NEW

carpets and padding 

  carpet supports /wire covers & rocker bracket

  Choke Rod Sets

clips  - j-clips, header
clips bar clips, s-clips, horn clips, clips
fuel line clips, brake line clips, dash pad clips

 clockclock 65 66 67


clutchclutch clutch and brake pedals - clutch rods -
 zbars/cross shafts 

427 Corvette Clutch Bell Housing   28-54d 427 clutch bell housing

clutch inspection plate & flywheel, clutch, pressure plate

coil springs (front suspension) made in usa  coil spring

console  console

convertible top latches

spring repair
convert deck spring repair

courtesy light switch
  in door jamb & bulb shields/sockets

dash label   dash cluster rebuilding parts, gauge lens
dash knobs & bezels

dash insulation


  dash clips clips
decals labels books - in glove box - chart of contents

spring repair  deck spring repair

tool to install and remove rear deck spring (63-67 Corvette Roadster)

dipsticks - oil dipsticks (section 38)     transmission auto dipsticks(58)

directional switch

distributor capdistributor

door handle
door handles
door hardware & rods
door rods  door spring


door switchdoor opening light switch
 in door jamb

dome light

drip rail repair pieces - coupe  drip rail

Engine and Transmission Mounts
engine mount

evaporator cores - 64,64,65,66,67 Corvette Air cond

exhaust hangers  exhaust hangers
exhaust bezels and Tipsexhaust bezels 07-01
fiberglass panel
exhaust fiberglass rear panel

side exhaust  side pipe cover

Exhaust bolt sets + french locks
exhaust bolt

Exhaust Manifold Application Chart - to LIC part #

Fan clutch - Schwitzer - bar type. 2014

fan clutch -adjustment article. (pdf) (for coil type

fanCorvette Fan Blades


dust shield  Fender Dust Shields and staples - fan shroud seals

Corvette Fiberglass - in stock !-fiberglass inventory

fittings - intake, waterpump, bypass fittings

Floor Mats - Clear with bowtie -

frame measurements document (pdf file)

frame and gas tank stencils
stencil stencil

heater hose fittings
intake fittings
intake vacuum  fittings

french locks - rear axle

fresh air vents
vent door

fuel door
fuel door

fuel tank

fuel pumps
fuel pump

fuel filters
fuel filter
Fuel Line sets fuel line set


fuse block , mounting and fuses fuse block


glove box
glove box 

Grills and mounting brackets grill



ground strap sets
ground strap  

half shafts - drive shafts - u-joints   half shaft

Hard top Mounting Hardware hard top mount

headlights motors, components, armatures etc
headlightheadlight hardware headlight hardware

heater box , heater core & sealsgasket heater box

heater delete heater deleterpo C48

heater hose fittings

hood catches, supports, hinges

Hood Grills 65 396 & 66 427  and 67 427  hood grill hood grill

hood hinges, supports
hood hardware
hood hardware

hood releases
hood hardware

1967 427 hood stencil hood stripe 67  427  + color codes chart

Horns -corvette

hose clamps Hose clamps and Straps

headrestheadrest headrest conversions


 horns correct_horns.htm


hoses hoses hoses  pcv, radiator, bypass etc

hub cap hub cap ,trim rings

fittings intake vacuum  fittings

idley pulley idler pulley

ignition coils - transistor ignition coil

shielding ignition shielding

 shielding ignition shielding 427

fittings fittings:intake water pump, bypass ...


interior vinyl/leather trim parts chart interio interior

jacks Jacks and handles


wheel hardware Knock Off Wheel Spinner tool & hammer 46-07a 65-66 ko wheel hammer

large splash shields splash shieldsplash shield

 license bezel  -rear - USA !  07-05
License plate mounting -front and rearlicense plate

license platelight lights


Lock sets lock lock


L88 Road Draft Tube

master cylinder Master Cylinders

63-67 Master cylinder article and chart

mirromirror mirrors

molding cliip molding clips

plug oil drain plug and seal correct 'A' headmark


oil dipstick  Oil Dipsticks

oil cannister Oil Filter Canister      oil lines Oil Lines

odometer odometer
gears, wheels, cable

oil panoil pan oil pans

 pedal pedal- clutch brake accel

breather pcv breather/pcv 63


cable parking brake cables Corvette
park brake park brake handle 67

pinchwelt 1963  pinchwelt

switch power antenna switch

power brake power brakes  how to add: 

power steering power steering kit

power windows

pulley pulleys,       Pulley -power steering

section 53 radio capacitors/condensors  

radiator support,
radiator shrouds


 rear suspension rear suspension

 rear spring rear spring anchor plate

ballast resistor resistor on firewall
see section 37 part #25


rivets rivets

side exhaust covers, sets, hardware 
side exhaust

seat handlesseat handles

seat belts, labels, hardware, mounting cables   seat belt hardware seat belt hardware seat belt hardware

shock grommets  

splash shields -under body

Splash shield Gold.htm


spark plugs  

speaker -Corvette 63-67

Speedo gears

springs :   accel/carb return spring
front coil springs   rear leaf spring 

stencils - frame - hood

Steering  Couplers  
Steering column Assemblies
 steering wheel
Steering column Brackets, Collars, clamps

correct staples for inner fender skirts
- yes they are magnetic  


auto neutral switch

support rods

steering hubs plus


steering linkage -



temp sender

thermostat housings

Tire Carrier Bolts & locks

Timing Chain Cover with correct TAB 

transistor ignition components  


valve cover bolts & reinforcements
        327 ,427 valve covers  

water pumps >>rebuild kits

weatherstrip sets
soft top

window channels & wipes, corner trim
window channel molding clips

wiring and battery  cables

window crank   handles 1967 with correct color thin knobs 

wiper arms blades

coupe over door drip gutter repair piece (pr)

#42-56b coupe gutter extensions on rear door jamb

z06 brake fans

Overhaulin' 1964 Corvette Project

miscellaneous corvette Photos:

64 photos
67 engine 350hp w a/c
65 396 chassis w engine                     C2 63,64,65,66,67 Corvette Parts            


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