1966 NO3 Corvette    part of collection  N03 collection (5 cars) -being prepped for upcoming sale

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 66 N03 Coupe  Silver Exterior,  Black Interior   N03  427/425 HP, 

     4 speed,  radio delete, J56 HD Brakes, F41 HD suspension, Side Exhaust,  Knock off wheels,     (1 OF 66 N03)  
(ordered new for SCCA Racing)

NCRS Top Flight , Peoples Choice NE chapter Meet, CT  Oct 1988     Chips Choice 1999 (@ Carlisle)


The N03 Collection:  Option Code N03 36.5 Gallon Gas Tank   "aka BIG TANKS'


66N03 Silverphoto credit: Bill Erdman

66n0366 427 425



66n0366 N03